The 5 Most Amazing California Bike Routes!



At Heroes Motors we value passion the most. Restoring and selling vintage motorcycles is fun, but riding them is what brought us to it. Today we would like to share 5 most amazing routes for you and your bike.


California Route 36

California Route 36

Length: 140 miles

The paved road links of Route 36 will take you through one of California’s most scenic drives. Although, if you are looking for a relaxing sit back ride, 36 might not be for you. While passing through six counties (Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama, Plumas, and Lassen) you will witness a diverse range of topography, climate regions, and drive through Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Heading west from Redbluff, CA along Route 36 towards Fortuna, CA will take you to the windy road sign saying “Next 140 miles” that will start off your twisty motorcycle roller coaster ride. Be prepared for high elevation changes, long drops with no guardrails and a smooth well maintained road.


Make sure to check your gas tank, as California 36 is a 140 miles route with only 2 gas stations and about 3 places to eat.







Road length: 127 miles

Whether you are a motorcycle owner or just a fan of motorcycles’ flashy look, you’ve definitely dreamed about riding a bike down the ocean coast. The Pacific Coast Cruise is a famed world-class scenic route that attracts bikers from all around the US. One hundred and twenty-seven miles of breathtaking ocean view, accompanied with a variety of waterfalls, redwood forest, flowery meadow, bridges, and more. Be sure to pay attention to animal life. There is a good chance you will stumble across whales, pelicans, sea lions, otters and jumping out of water dolphins. The scenery of this route has become a classic American road trip and a cover of a countless amount of magazines, book, websites, etc.

The direction to this route is simple. Stay on highway 1 and enjoy the priceless experience.


- seven state parks

- hiking and beach exploring

- Carmel-by-the-Sea offers shops, cottages, galleries, restaurants

- lighthouse in Point Sur State Historic Park

- Hearst's paradise. This mansion/castle




The Palomar Mountain Loop

The Palomar Mountain Loop

Road Length: 35 miles

The third route in our list of TOP 5 is Palomar Mountain Loop. Unlike Pacific Coast Cruise, taking this route for the scenery is not the best decision, as it is the most technical road in Southern California. Keep your eyes on the road at all the times (although the scenery is truly majestic). You will be passing through Palomar Mountain Observatory (space telescope), so when you are not biking smooth snake roads along with long sweeper turns, make sure to stop by the observatory to enjoy the divine view.

Your starting point will be about 15 miles north of Escondido, CA. Find route 76 where it crosses I-15, then take Exit I-15 on to

Rt.76 heading East. Stay on 76 East for about 15 miles then you’ll see a sign for Palomar Man Rd. Turn left! Further up the road you’ll turn left again at San Diego County Road 6.



- Mobile gas station

- Two Casinos (after you start heading east on 76)

- a couple of liquor stores

- “Mother’s Kitchen” restaurant (the parking lot will most likely be filled with motorcycles. Prepare some stories as bikers there love having a good time while sipping on whiskey and sharing motorcycle stories)


Whether you are riding through the concrete jungle or on a country road, the Biker Messenger Bag is ready for the adventure. Constructed from water resistant 20oz. waxed cotton duck canvas that is coupled with an oversized, heavyweight leather flap, this Messenger Bag is comfortable to wear while keeping your gear safe and dry. 

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Road Length: 22 Miles

Redwood Ride is the shortest one in our list of TOP 5. If you are a big nature lover and don’t like to pressure yourself over long rides,  this one is for you! The road is mainly inland, which gives an incredible opportunity to enjoy beautiful green forests, creeks, ferns, and wildlife. Don’t get too excited! Not yet! Magical scenery comes with a twisty road, so make sure to have some experience by your side. If you love twisty, this might be your new favorite road.

Take Hwy 101 and head west to the Town of Leggett, CA. The twisty fun starts when you get onto the North End of Hwy 1 and continue for about 22 miles to Hardy, CA.


Twisty Redwood Ride does not have any amenities, which leaves you face to face with Mother Nature. Enjoy!  


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Hemet to India Wells

Highway 74 - Hemet to India Wells

Road Length: 50 Miles

The last but not least is Highway 74. This scenic route is a must for all motorcycle enthusiast. As most of our route choices in the list of TOP 5, Hemet to India Wells accompanied with beautiful wildlife, switchbacks, mountains, twists, and turns. You will be able to witness the astonishing transition from Pine forest on the Hemet side to desert on the Indian Wells side.

Finding the route should not be a problem. Get to Hemet, CA (30 miles southeast of Riverside and west of the 215). After arriving at Hemet, get on 74 and ride east all the way to Indian Wells.


74 isn’t a very long route, so there is not a lot along here. Those who like hiking and camping will be able to enjoy beautiful trails and a few campgrounds on the way. Make sure to visit Paradise Corner at the intersection of Hwy 74 and 371.


For this road we want you to ride in something special. Something that sets you apart from everyone else on the road. Our Heroes Custom made jacket is made of high-quality lightweight genuine real leather. A must-have as it gives a unique and BADASS look when you are riding!

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