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triumph motorcycle custom paint

triumph motorcycle custom paint sanding step helmet custom paint

At Heroes Motorcycles, we use the best materials and techniques combined with our talented team to bring you the perfect custom painting you wanted for your motorcycle.
We offer custom motorcycle painting, as well as custom helmet painting that will match your bike.
Kawasaki motorcycle custom paintEverything we design is aimed to produce the best impression that you want for your motorcycle. We use high quality products and technics to create the kind of design and paint finish that you will be proud to display on your motorcycle
Kawasaki being painted
Custom paint works get inevitably influenced by Heroes's founder and manager Serge Bueno, who brings that special 'French touch' of elegance and subtle nuances, having studied painting and design at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris in France.
Custom paint
For more details or to schedule an appointment, call us at (323)424-3162,
or email us at

Ruby Helmet slideshow


Ruby Helmet slideshow

Ruby Helmet slideshow

Ruby Helmet slideshow



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