A little 'museum, a little' boutique, and workshop, in Los Angeles the novelty contaminate the worlds of classic motorcycles and luxury

Heroes Motor Shop

The first time you cross Los Angeles always amazes to notice the smallness of the two wheels, custom or not, in circulation compared to cars. And to say that the City of Angels and drought is perfect for a motorcycle ride, especially for famous actors, who hide behind the helmet to avoid being recognized.

In LA the talented builders are not lacking. For example, on the Melrose, the avenue of fashion, design and vintage, Powerplant Choppers has appeared for a couple of years . The coolest novelty however is found at number 8611 where the French Serge Bueno opened Heroes Motors . A true boutique of the classic motorcycle that combines the worlds of luxury, lifestyle, and fashion.

Heroes Motor Shop

The interior architecture and the essentiality of the windows are one hundred percent West Hollywood: between the black walls and the leather sofas, the Great Ladies play to make the stars of the silent. For example, the Majestic, a two-wheeled Bugatti from 1929 built in ten copies and meticulously restored by the Heroes Motors workshop on LaBrea. The price tag is overwhelming, the value can go up to four hundred thousand dollars .

Another Frenchman of rank, the Peugeot racing race of 1903, “is probably the only model left in the world and captures all the essence of the bike. I know there were two, but nobody knows where the other is, “explains René Hagege, who greets us in the store.

From Heroes Motors art plays an important role, from the bronze sculptures of the artist and customizer Jeff Decker and the French Xavier Parent to the prints of the English painter Conrad Leach. On the shelves, there are few garments, but very good: the Perfecto leather jackets, the Atelier Ruby helmets, T-shirts, scarves and dedicated accessories.

“For me, classic motorbikes are a real vocation,” says Bueno, a successful designer in the Paris of the Nineties who had already had the idea of a motorcycle art gallery in France. ” I had started putting away some bikes like you do with great wines. In 2008, I sold my computer company and began consulting for Bonham’s. Thanks to my network of contacts I sold my first valuable motorcycle, to buy more. I decided that my new life would be in Los Angeles where I inaugurated this place of excellence last April “.

A bit ‘museum, a little’ boutique and at the same time workshop, Heroes Motors offers only the essence and the beauty of the motorcycle between 1900 and 1930. And it is not necessary to be millionaire collectors to get out with a souvenir of class.

Serge Bueno



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