France, 1930s – when motorcycles were used instead of horses to play polo, Moto-Ball was king. Not trendy today, but still valued as titleholders in the driving gloves of the beholder. Los Angeles-based, Heroes Motorcycles just pawned this prizewinner for a cool $35,000. 

1936 Koehler Escoffier 350cc

And why not, this looker didn't just win six consecutive titles, but did so winning top looks each time going 50 mph on the playing field powered with its rev limit of 4,500 rpm.

1936 Koehler Escoffier 350cc

Clearly built for acceleration to provide a competitive advantage on the playing field, but also speeding up the highest fetched price for the rare winner. 

1936 Koehler Escoffier 350cc

Carefully considered, its authentically created leather-wrapped handlebars and cable coverings comfortably yield a stylish ride for modern-day driving pastures. 

It costs money for motorcycle victors these days. And you can rest assured that this French champ is enjoying some well-deserved off-season downtime in someone's personal garage. 

Serge Bueno



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