Manufactured in USA

ONLY 24 UNITS AVAILABLE IN 2016 - $29,830 - Contact us for more details

Simply the best type for an old school look but with the modern engineering. Upgraded S&S Shovelhead, Panhead or Knucklehead engine. Unlike the Type 5, the Type 6 is upgraded to a 6-speed transmission with both electric and a kick start. Also with an dual shot exhaust, giving it the nice roar that these motorcycles should have.

GOOSENECK FRAME: These frames are unlike any other when compared to other production motorcycle frames. Our rigid Gooseneck Frames were built specifically for the Type 5 and 6, with a high quality steel in Japan. Just like a samurai sword, these frames are strong, flexible and has a great reliability due to its special construction. A black finish to please the aesthetics of additional equipment and the motorcycle itself. The unique S-Bend of the frame enforces its durability and sturdiness. Stick to the basics, stay simple and strong.

SPRINGER FORK: Completely redesigned the springer front forks to not only make them rugged and reliable but smooth and controllable as well. With a seamless combination with our Gooseneck frame, the feedback from the road feels just right.

ENGINE: The modern S&S Evolution engines ensure the strength of its long history of both quality and reliability. Top of the line performance to get you where you need to be in style. Stock in black but other additional sizes and finishes available. Comes standard with V80 ci Natural Finish or upgrade to a V96 ci Wrinkle Black Finish.

  • Super E Carb
  • S&S 585 Camshaft
  • Super Stock Ignition

TRANSMISSION: Standard comes with a 6 speed Rivera Primo transmission. Simple and reliable with no frills, comes in natural finish. Can be upgraded to a 6 speed Baker.

TANKS: One of the key aesthetics for a motorcycle to show its design. Large to small, the choice is all yours. The Type 5 comes standard with an 2.1 gl Sportster Tank.

FOOT CONTROLS & SIGNALS: Our forward controls are easy to use to ensure crisp brakes and shifts. Comes in Black controls, but Brass and Aluminum are also optional. The headlight and taillights are are kept simple to keep the areas clean.

SEATS: The Type 5 comes with a standard faux leather black seat. Hand-made leather seats are also available. Black Leather, Brown Leather.

PRIMARY BELT: Combine a 3” belt with super simple clutch design and our underslung guard rail and you have a package that not only looks the part but easy to use and reliable. Choose from either Open or Closed Primaries.

INSTRUMENTS: Following with our design and philosophy of being compact and minimal, our headlight and speedo keep things as simple as it can get. Included is our brass instrument panel and mini speedo. As well as the hand controls. Minimal controls to achieve less clutter for more stylish and sleek looking design.

OPTIONAL PARTS: Front Fender Make your ride a little bit more retro with a sleek front fender. 

Handle Bar Like to ride high? Put different Bars on it to suit your experience. 

Exhaust Not loud enough? Not sure what suits your needs? Contact us!



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