Book "Poker : The Ultimate Book"

Poker: The Ultimate Book

6 x 8.5 in – 15.25 x 21.5 cm
280 pages | 200 illustrations
Flexibound with case

With more than ten million players competing daily online, poker has become much more than a simple hobby that gathers four friends around a table. The game requires an array of skills including technical mastery, the ability to anticipate and synthesize data, a dash of psychology, and of course, a lot of luck. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the most popular table sport in the world, including its history, legends, and psychology; the cheating, money, casinos, rules, and tournaments; movies and championships; the Internet; a dictionary of terms; and more. This reference book also provides a glimpse of pokerÕs history and legendary players, a detailed analysis of the basic rules, as well as the kind of astute tips that only an expert such as the author, a teacher and consultant to professional players, can provide.

About the Author

Francois Montmirel started playing poker in 1976 at the age of 13. He published his first manual to the game in 1984 and won his first international tournament in 1998. He won another in 2000 and is a three-time semi-finalist of the European Poker Championship.

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