Neck And Neck With Death, Jeff Decker Bronze


Jeff Decker Bronze, named Neck and Neck with Death.

Year of production: 2000

Size is Approx – 7ft x 2ft x 2ft (size of one piece)

Weight – 300 pounds total (disassembles in 3 pieces)

Only 29 pieces were made, a piece may have one or two bikes on it. This sculpture is considered a 3 pieces out of the 29 total made. 

Only 5 people bought all three pieces to equal the full set of 5 bikes.


Short Story from Jeff Decker’s website –

“Realizing that the subject of historic motorcycles and racers had struck a nerve, Jeff’s research took him to books he had collected as a boy, where he discovered that he had autographs of many of these American heroes.  Also within the books was the ultimate in racing technology of the times, the 1915 Cyclone overhead cam factory racer.”

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