Heroes Motors Flask

Heroes Motors Flask hand-hammered to perfection by skilled Serge Bueno at our workshop in Los Angeles

Each Legacy Flask features comes with a machined copper screw top, which guarantees a 100% leak-free flask every time you use it.

Each flask is 100% handcrafted in the USA using pure, solid copper and undergoes a lead-free soldering process at our Vermont workshop, just like the massive copper pots used by distillers for purifying liquids. Tuck it inside a blazer, jacket pocket, clutch, or in the top of a boot for ballgames.

Our smooth, American made leather Leather Flask Wrap adds a touch of class to the Great American Flask and also protects the copper from fingerprint marks and tarnishing. It’s made by our professional craftspeople of premium American-raised leather and hand cut, hand dyed, and hand sewn to our standards.

A distinctive look for those with great taste. Pour your favorite  premium liquor into our handcrafted flask for easy drinking.

Come in a Hand Made Wooden  box.

Signed Limited Editions

Made in USA

Product Specifications

Weight: 1.2500 (lbs)
Material: Pure Copper
Dimensions: 3 x 1.5 x 4 (inches)
Crafted in: Heroes Motors Workshop
Made by: Serge Bueno® Artisans
Care: Hand Wash Only
Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee





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