Harley 11-K Board Track Racer, 1915


Harley-Davidson 11-K Board Track Racer, 1915

Sculptor Serge Bueno 2018


Bronze Sculpture Harley Davidson

Size: L105" X H35" X W40"

Weight: 1000 lbs - Bronze

Scale 1:1

The model 11-K marked Harley’s successful entrance into the world of board track racing more than 100 years ago. The model for this bronze sculpture was an authentic 1915 Harley-Davidson 11-K Board Tracker which stands proudly in the Haas Museum in Dallas, In order to fashion this sculpture entirely from bronze, the authentic 1915 Board Tracker was deconstructed into the constituent parts, and molten bronze was poured into the models created from each part. The authentic Board Tracker was then reassembled, and the bronze pieces for the sculpture were welded together  to form this masterpiece. This 1000-pound sculpture was created by renowned sculptor Serge Bueno under commission by the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery 



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