1955 Matchless G45

Manufactured in England


ENGINE# G/45 138


1955 Matchless 500cc G45, one of the most well established names in the motorcycle industry, Matchless was founded by Henry Collier in 1891 who developed his first engine by 1899 and was manufacturing motorcycles in Plumstead, London for sale by 1902. Introduced during the 1950s, the Matchless G45 gave the private entrant an opportunity to be involved in motorcycle Grand Prix events. Bepe Castellani was the seven-time South Africa road racing champion, Bepe ride with this bike during the winter of 1957/58. AMAL 930 Concentric carbs. Lucas competition magneto, SS camshafts, Carburator P267. Oil filter in return line. Chrome hardened and machined rocker shafts.AMC close-ratio 4-speed gearbox. Newby dry clutch with primary chain drive. Improved, light clutch action. Oiltap between oil line. Improved and converted Norton featherbed frame. Front fork stabilizer. Aluminium Manx fuel tank with fuel partition. Akront rims with SS spokes. This Original Matchles G45 was extensively and successfully raced in historic races and is built to win and to last.



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