1951 Harley Davidson 750Cc Wr


Manufactured in USA

ENGINE # 51WR3489

The Harley Davidson WR 750 Factory Racer was developed with one purpose in mind – to defeat the successful Indian Scout on the dirt track speedways of 1930s America. The legendary battle between the two big American motorcycle manufacturers had begun in the formative years of American board track racing and continues unabated today – albeit now with sales figures rather than lap times. Interestingly, the 750cc side valve engine used in the WR 750 would go on to become one of the marques longest running engines. It was introduced in 1929 and would stay in service until 1973. This 1951 Harley-Davidson WR 750 is an all-original model, the engine has been internally rebuilt with careful attention paid to not modify it in any externally visible way.




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