1950 Bmw 250Cc R25

Manufactured in Germany

ENGINE # 234259

Claimed power: 12hp @ 5,800rpm
Top speed: 65mph
Engine: 247cc air-cooled OHV vertical sing

BMW's first new post-war model was a single-cylinder design - the 250cc R25- which arrived in 1950 looking pretty much like the pre-war R23 but producing an additional 2bhp. It was superseded in 1950 by the R25, which featured plunger rear suspension but was otherwise very similar. featured a new telescopic front fork, full-width alloy hubs and alloy wheel rims as the principal upgrades. This 12hp post-war bike is the ideal choice to driving around in the landscape on a nice sunny day. The bike has matching engine and frame numbers. The BMW R25/3 starts and runs well.




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