1933 Gnome Rhone CM1

Manufactured in FRANCE.


Engine # 80754


This Gnome Rhone 350 cc, 3 speed gearbox with hand change, Amac carburettor, 26x3.5 tyres, drum brakes 180 mm. Weight 130 kg, top speed: 95 kh/h.

From 1920 Gnome et Rhône diversified into the bicycle and motorcycle business producing some relatively successful and stylish products. They first organized the Société Française des Moteurs ABC in Paris in 1920, to build the Granville Bradshaw designed ABC Motorcycles in 1920, which they produced until 1924. Bradshaw's original 400cc design was enlarged by Gnome et Rhone to 493cc, and approximately 3000 models were produced through 1924. The company then embarked on its own motorcycle designs, producing single-cylinder and flat-twin machines through WW2.



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