1929 Majestic

Manufactured In france
This extraordinary French motorcycle from between the wars.
“The Majestic is the physical embodiment of the Art Deco aesthetic, a streamlined torpedo which suggests Speed and Modernity.” The real innovation is at the front—this is one of the first motorcycles to feature hub-centered steering (as beloved by Bimota of late). And yes, the front also has sliding pillar suspension, similar to that on a Lancia Lambda or early Morgan.. French racing Red paintwork. For that, we could forgive just about anything. Over a period of five years roughly 100 machines were produces with 350cc & 500c single-cylinder engines from Chaise, JAP V-twins, and four-cylinder engines from both Chaise and Cleveland. Production ceased in 1933.
The maximum speed of the motorcycle equipped with a 3-speed gearbox was 90 km / h; Was braked with drum brakes.
Fully restored by Heroes Motors Los Angeles


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