1928 Gillet Herstal Sport Rallye

Engine Number 19976
Frame 0076
Manufactured in Belgium
Started in 1919 as with the production of motorcycles, Gillet Herstal ended its production in 1959.

Gillet-Herstal Motorcycles 1919-1959

The Belgian motor industry began in the early 20th century and continued into the mid-1960s.

Liège was the center of the arms industry, and as the same precision skills were required for the production of motorcycles it became home to FN, Saroléa, Gillet-Herstal and a variety of less well-known marques.

In 1919 SA des Ateliers Gillet was formed by Desire Gillet and his son Leon. It is believed that Herstal was added to the brand name to avoid confusion with the French marque of Rene Gillet.





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