1928 AutoMoto Grand-Sport

Manufactured in FRANCE.

Automoto had some great sleek designs that showed that more is better. They used engines from Chaise, Zurcher, J.A.P. Villers and AMC and were eventually completely absorbed by Peugeot.

The return of the motorcycle was a fact by the way in which the original bike with auxiliary engine was inspired by the Evans Cycle engine. Remains remarkable that the drive pulley could be slid aside and forward of the block to allow a longer belt. Taken closer, rightly, because it promoted the starting procedure well. Internal gear drive and a clutch with plates were certainly not the things as common as on a lighter motorcycle. Well presented and a good price, these motorcycles, named type MA, sold very well at the beginning of 1923.

The exhibition in October 1927 saw a truly explosion of the range of motorcycles together with the trade of all “A quelque-chose”. So the MF4 got the pressed line and shape of the tank of the GM and became the A1. The same development happened to the MF1 named “Touriste populaire”. But the disappearing of the egg shaped (ovoid) tank, and more strangely, the Webbs front fork was badly accepted by the customers. At production we saw the use of a lateral 350 engine “maison”, which was purely inspired on the Blackburn; the equipment of the A3. Generalisation of the décalque ( the print on the tank, or the side panel, with respectively, the name of the brand and/or the type classification. This along both sides: in this case the brand AuTomoTo ) in slat-shaped letters (characters), with the lines of the (letters) T protruding. The decoration of the tank and the jerrycan for gasoline for the two-stroke was the classical “flammé” of the parent company on a grey background.


This 1928 AutoMoto was fully restored in Los Angeles by Heroes Motors in 2020.




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