1914 Harley Davidson Model 10E

Manufactured in USA.


Engine # 5588H


This 1914 Harley-Davidson Model 10E is an unrestored example. It is powered by a 61 CI V-twin, designation and paired with chain drive and a hub-mounted clutch. Factory equipment includes a springer front fork. Finished in light charcoal gray with black accents and pin-striping, the bike has been repainted at least once in the past 105 years. The Model 10E features a integrated handlebar controls. It is also one of the first Harley-Davidson models to utilize a step-starter, enabling the rider to start the engine while the bike is stationary. 

This 61 CI V-twin is one of only a handful of factory “fast” engines produced in 1914. It utilizes an intake-over-exhaust valve arrangement and was rated for approximately 8 HP. The engine turns over, though no attempt to start it has been made. This motorcycle would make a fine addition to any collector of early American transportation. It is an early attempt of a motorcyclist trying to bridge the gap to an automobile.





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