1918 Indian Twin Board track Racer

Manufactured in USA.



This amazing 1918 Indian with a 1000cc twin cylinder was made by the  Indian Motocycle Company for 1918. There being no purpose-built motorcycle racetracks in the sport's pioneering years, the first competitive events were held on existing velodromes built for bicycle racing. Indian's co-founders George M. Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedstrom had both been successful racing cyclists in their day and were well aware of the valuable publicity to be gained from racetrack successes. Indeed, Hedstrom's interest in motorcycles had been kindled when he built a motorized pacer for use on cycle racing tracks, and Hendee's favorable impressions of this machine had brought the two men together. Indian was soon profiting from its products' competition successes to such an extent that the firm was overwhelmed with orders and had to turn for assistance to the Aurora Automatic Machinery Company of Aurora, Illinois, which from October 1902 was contracted to build the Hedstrom-designed engines under license.

At first, Indian motorcycles used in competitions were modified road models, and not until 1908 did the Springfield, Massachusetts company offer a purpose-built racing motorcycle for sale. The following year Hedstrom and Hendee opened their own hometown, pine board motordrome, thus providing Indian with its own test track and works rider Jake DeRosier – one of motorcycle sport's first superstars – with a stage to showcase his immense talent.

Fast, exhilarating and dangerous, the short-lived sport of board track racing captivated America and today is considered by many to be America's – and motorcycling's – most illustrious era. 

With original board track racers exceedingly rare and in high demand today, the motorcycle offered here deserves attention. 

The current owner purchased the disassembled machine, which he reports was 85% complete, and reassembled it, careful to maintain all un-restored components in original condition. Replacing the gas tank (antiqued to match the rest of the bike and the original factory paint which is still visible), handlebars, two pistons, front forks and rear stand – all hand-built to original specs, the rest is believed to be entirely original. From the frame to the motor, even the seat and front rim with the actual tire, the condition of this 102-year old racer is quite impressive.



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