1904 Peugeot Factory Racer

Peugeot is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, since 1898. Sorry Harley, sorry Indian, the French got there first...
But you knew that, right?

But Peugeot’s heyday as the world’s preeminent force in two-wheels racing was so long ago it’s nearly forgotten today.
The first Isle of Man TT in 1907 (multi-cylinder class) was won with a Peugeot motor.

The company also produced fearsome track specials at the dawn of motorcycle competition, with HEROES like Henri Cissac and Paul Péan riding Peugeot

This Peugeot introduced in 1904 was the first DOHC motorcycle in the world, this Peugeot was first raced by Lucien Desvaux on April 5, 1905.

Only 3 were built and only 2 left in the world.


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