1900 De Dion-Bouton Tricycle

Manufactured in FRANCE


Engine #157


The De Dion-Bouton tricycle was the most successful motor vehicle in Europe from 1897 until 1901, In particular the fast-running de Dion-Bouton engine set new standards for motor vehicle, and is regarded as the precursor of all motorcycle engines Jules-Albert de Dion. De Dion won the world's first motor race, in 1894, run over a distance of 122 Km from Paris to Rouen. He was the only entrant. The engineer of Georges Bouton and his brother-in-law Charles-Armand Trepardoux, founded a workshop in 1882 near Paris.

This amazing, 120-year-old De Dion-Bouton trike is one of the most historic vehicles in the world, one that laid the foundation of both the automobile and motorcycle industries. 

This 1900 De Dion-Bouton tricycle showing VIN 157 and Engine No. 15568 comes from Sweden, where it is the oldest street-legal registered bike. It’s all original and it was properly restored by renowned Swedish engineer and old timer enthusiast, who is well-known in the old-timer scene. It features a 2.75 HP motor and all correct and original mechanical details. It is very likely the finest De Dion-Bouton available in the world, and yes, there is an enthusiastic global collector community. There will be no regrets on a historic machine like this, as this De Dion-Bouton is the real deal and a simply terrific machine.





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