1927 Terrot NS Sport

Manufactured in FRANCE



ENGINE NO. 52416


1927 Terrot 500cc NS Sport, 4-stroke JAP engine, 85.5 x 85 (488 cc), side valves, mechanical pump lubrication, and auxiliary hand pump, 3 speed gearbox (4.55 - 7.23 - 11.40) Transmission: Primary 22 x 40, secondary 20 x 50), "Druid" fork with lateral springs and adjustable shock absorbers, steering brake, Terry or Lycett saddle, 8 L tank (then 13 L) Tank, oil tank 1.5 L (then 2 4 L), small reserve tank left mounted in the luggage rack and right saddlebag, inner tube box, 210 brakes, small muffler, 700 x balloon tires 100, mudguard of 160. Guidon semi-raised, Weight: approx.130 kg - Speed 90 km / h - Sport handlebar (TT) and adjustable rubber footrest.

The motorcycle is in perfect original condition. It starts and runs well. This is a very rare model.



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