1972 Harley Davidson 750-XR

Manufactured in USA.


Engine # 1C10025H7


From The Museum "L'épopée de la Moto de Collection" in France


The Harley-Davidson XR-750 is a racing motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson since 1970, primarily for dirt track racing.

The engine was again re-designed for 1972 with an all-aluminum head and cylinder package with bigger bore and shorter stroke for the same 750cc displacement.

The fuel tank, fenders, and rear seat/fender combination were fiberglass, with a snap down seat cover over a foam cushion.

Riders on XR-750s have won 29 of the 37 AMA Grand National Championships from 1972 to 2008 inclusive. Besides having more wins than any other bike in AMA racing, it has been called the "most successful race bike of all time”, and has a claim to have more wins than any other racing motorcycle in history.

Evel Knievel began jumping the XR-750 at the height of his career between December 1970 and October 1976, the longest jump Knievel made over cars was 129 feet over 19 cars in 1971

This factory-fresh 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750 racer is one of only 100 machines built in 1972 and one of 200 built in total. Every authentic XR750 was hand built in the Harley-Davidson competition shop, and this machine, Serial No. 50, looks like it rolled out of the shop last week.



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