1936 Koehler-Escoffier Moto Ball

Manufactured in France


Engine # ALS3 N608

Soccer on two wheels, a sport in the process of forgetting

1936 Koehler-Escoffier 350cc Racer Moto-Ball is a witness, if need be, of the diversity of use of the motorcycle. This new sport, as much spectacular as intense, receives its final rules after the early days of its inception, around 1930-31.
Old rules to a new sport
The displacement motorcycle is limited to 350cc and teams consist of three forwards, a rear and a goal; the ball has a diameter of about 40 cm. Dimensions and size of the field are identical to those of soccer. A game is divided into four periods: the first part of twenty minutes, the second of fifteen; after a change of sides, the third part of fifteen and finally the fourth of twenty minutes; between each part ten minute break. The free kicks, corners, and penalties are punished.
Six consecutive titles
Given the enthusiasm of the players, using commercial bikes simply adapted some builders (Monet-Goyon, Prester, Terrot) design specific engines. The Macon firm first offers motorcycles Villiers two-stroke 250cc with single then double exhaust, guyed reinforced front fork, two-speed gearbox, dual brakes, ball-guide tube surrounding the front of the base engine. Since 1936, the Villiers engine was replaced by the 350cc four-stroke flipped "home", borrowed from the civilian version LS3S and scheduled to run on the gasoline-benzene mixture (50/50), which is housed in the same part of the bike. Whether with Villiers engines or LS3S, the teams with the Monet-Goyon and Koehler-Escoffier will be champions of France from 1933 to 1938 included.

Inclined single cylinder 4t - 350cc (63.5 x 78 mm) - 9 hp / 4500 rev / min in version "civil" - separate box to 2 or 3 reports controlled by hand or foot - Transmission chains - Startup " stroller "- single Frame interrupted cradle - Forks BC. parallelogram - 19 "wheels - Brakes side drums - 90 kg -80 km / h maximum on the field.
The moto-ball machines will demonstrate a good life and will often be modified: thus the chain cover of this LS3S is an addition; but the small tank, borrowed from a 98cc, is original.



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