1930 Monet Goyon Racer

Manufactured in France.




This rare French 500cc Monet Goyon Model Supersport, one of the first build by Raymond Guiguet for the Grand Prix Autodrome de Montlhery, race by Edourra. This is a 500cc OHV racer.

This is the racing version of the 500 H. In 1928, MG has released this model to race. This bike has all the extras for racing: light weight frame, hairpin valve springs, double oil pump, dual exhaust, high compression piston, racing handlebar, reinforced racing tank, TT exhaust, fuel tanks in two halves, different wheels, quick release wheels for quick changeover, despite a 2 stroke still an extra hand pump to spray oil directly into the cylinder at high performance, Villiers race carb,... Engine transmission, carburetor and ignition have been completely overhauled. 




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