1919 Indian Board Track Survivor.

Manufactured in USA.


Engine # 70K185


1919 Indian 7hp Power-plus Board Track Racing Motorcycle.

We are proud and honored to introduce you a 100 year old Indian board tracker survivor.  As the saying goes – a machine can be restored many times over, but it is original only once.  Serge Bueno has owned these unrestored pieces for the last 25 years, this being one if his first pieces as a collector and the reason behind his obsession with board tracking.

This motorcycle has once traveled all the way from US to France in the 1950s and where it resided at the museum from 1970s to 1990s and was subsequently acquired by Serge from the museum owner.

The story of this engineering masterpiece has it that this Indian power plus raced at the Los Angeles Speedway and that the owner once purchased it from a US marine who moved to France after WW2.

The seat, the leather straps and the stand underwent restoration, whilst the rest of the bike remains in its original form.

This masterpiece takes our breath away, transcending us through history and time, denoting passion for the art of moto sport and indulging in attention to detail.  The epic rise of today’s power of technology can only be outshone by authenticity.  Here it is.



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