Ruby Helmet Castel Gabriel

Exquisite design

  • Subtle and sensual spine, that is the signature of Ruby

  • Chrome, black leather or rubber trim, that reminds of old luxury cars, outlines the helmet

  • Bordeaux red calfskin nappa leather & anti-bacteria lambskin interior

  • Micro pocket in the leather loop at the back of the helmet holds useful information in an emergency

  • Every helmet comes in a beautiful red Ruby box

  • Immaculate attention to every detail

State-of-the-art engineering & safety

  • The outer shell is composed of carbon fiber (a heritage from the aviation and space industries, that provides a maximum of stability at lowest possible weight) and fiberglass layers

  • Double density inner shell that optimizes safety and shock absorbency with built-in ventilation ducts

  • Ultra light weight of between 870 g ? 1070 g (depending on model and size)

  • For security reasons, all fixing elements are made of titanium and aluminium. Of course, this also implies a further weight reduction

  • DOT and ECE (22.05) certified

Superior Comfort

  • Double D-ring fastening guarantees perfect and comfortable adjustment

  • Three densities of foam padding create outstanding noise isolation characteristics while there is plenty of room for the ears by a special notch

  • Air channels in the wall of the helmet take out the heated air

  • Nappa leather with anti-bacteria lambskin interior makes wearing our helmets an incomparable experience

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