Sculpture Indian Board Track Racer Daytona

Indian Board Track Racer Daytona

Size: 42x21x13"

Weight: 190 lbs - Bronze and Aluminum

Serge Bueno of Heroes Motors and Xavier Parent have combined their talent and creativity to develop some of the most amazing bronze motorcycle sculptures.

Inspired by the legendary board track racers from the 1920’s, for which they both share a deep passion, Serge and Xavier have developed specific techniques to create unique reproductions of the race bike, which are only half the size of the original.

The quality of the work, the attention to detail and the realism is breathtaking. Although these models are only made of steel, aluminum and bronze that has been molded, hand shaped and hand polished for many hours.  By reproducing to perfection the famous minimalist design of the board track racer, and with the removal of wheel spokes, color and markings, Serge and Xavier were able to accentuate the feeling of lightness and frailness with their model. Yet, with its base the sculpture weights 190lb.

Close your eyes and imagine these beautiful pieces of motorcycle art roaring and flying around board tracks. They represent a very important part of the motorcycle racing history that you could enjoy every day, in your home, in your office or in your showroom.

Serge will have a few numbered models of the limited edition (8 in total as of today) for sale at his store on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, CA. Only 2 models left.

$ 25,000.00



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