Cyclone Board Track Racer, 1915

 Cyclone Board Track Racer, 1915


Sculptor Serge Bueno 2019

Bronze Sculpture Cyclone

Size: L105" X H35" X W40"

Weight: 1000 lbs - Bronze

Scale 1:1


Capable of speed in excess of 100mph, the Cyclone Board Track Racer was a legendary force in the daredevil days of early racing. Its 1000cc V-Twin engine, designed by engineer Andrew Strand, reputedly generated 45 horsepower on what is basically a brakeless bicycle frame. Without an actual model fr this life-sized Cyclone, Sculptor Serge Bueno fabricated his own aluminum replica from scratch, using only an actual magneto and Carburator sourced in Europe. Once completed, the aluminum replica was disassembled, and its parts served as the source for 74 molds into which molten bronze was poured for this magnificent sculpture commission by the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery 



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