Henderson Four Racer, 1917

Henderson Four Racer, 1917

Sculptor Serge Bueno 2019


Bronze Sculpture Henderson

Size: L105" X H35" X W40"

Weight: 1000 lbs - Bronze

Scale 1:1


Masterminded by brothers William and Tom Henderson of Detroit, Michigan, The Henderson Four racer was powered by an exquisite inline four-cylinder engine along an extended frame. The Henderson Four was favored by speed merchants and police departments alike. In 1917, a Henderson four racer piloted by Alan Bedell set a transcontinental record over roads that would be considered primitive today. French artist Serge Bueno salvaged an actual Henderson Four engine as the nucleus of the model primarily from components fashioned in his own shop before molten bronze was poured into the molds for this creation, commission by the haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery.

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