Indian Board Board Track Racer, 1918

Indian Board Board Track Racer, 1918

Sculptor Serge Bueno 2018


Bronze Sculpture Indian

Size: L105" X H35" X W40"

Weight: 1000 lbs - Bronze

Scale 1:1

Fashioned entirely of bronze, this Indian Board Track Racer was fabricated from over 80 separate molds created from the constituent parts of an actual deconstructed Indian Board Track Racer, 1918. Even the blackened tires, the leather-like seat, and the board track platform are bronze and have been treated to take their life-like appearance. The gleaming engine is a recreation of the Indian Powerplus 1000cc V-Twin side valve power station that would remain in production from 1916 to 1924 during the golden era of board track racing. This 1000-pound sculpture was created by renowned sculptor Serge Bueno under commission by the haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery.

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