Flying Merkel Board Track Racer, 1911

Flying Merkel Board Track Racer, 1911


Sculptor Serge Bueno 2019

Bronze Sculpture Flying Merkel

Size: L105" X H35" X W40"

Weight: 1000 lbs - Bronze

Scale 1:1


Produced for only a few years in the early 1900s, the Flying Merkel achieved racing notoriety that endures a century later. With its iconic angled gas tank, the Flying Merkel was powered by a V-Twin engine that expelled exhaust thought elegant curved pipes. French artist Serge Bueno sourced a few actual Merkel parts and created the remainder from drawings and photos of the legendary racer. Upon completion, the model was disassembled and its parts used for dozens of molds into which molten bronze was poured. The Flying Merkel was commission by the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery as the final member of the Great Series of five life-sized bronzes, believed to be such collection ever produced.

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